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November 17, 2008



Beautiful portrait and beautiful thoughts as well. :)

(I actually prefer the unenhanced version of the portrait)


Rob is all those things, plus a damn good boyfriend and a total hottie!
Great drawing David! I think this gay marriage project of your is wonderful. Keep it up. xo Jason


As a Californian who voted against prop 8 I can't really express the depth of my shame for the people of this state. I too have always thought of our population as forward-thinking and open-minded. Frankly, if I were a believer I'd be wishing the vast majority of LDS spend some of their eternity smoking in hell for their incredibly un-Christian gesture.

Hey MORONS, I MEAN Mormons, instead of wasting money stripping people of their rights why don't you take the same and help the poor damned souls living homeless on the streets? You pack of useless tools.


Oh Yes, one more thing. Thank you for putting human faces with the Prop 8 issue. Your sketches are beautiful and so are your friends.

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