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October 07, 2008



Preaching to the choir, honey. Welcome to the 6-pack years and a complimentary lipstick* with every republican vote.

*toxic ingredients of lisptick will indeed cause cancer, thereby boosting the cancer industry, causing an increase in jobs.

<3 keith

so in love with keith right now.


At times like this, I find that I really miss Martinique.


k.o. is my hero for that.


God Bless Keith for saying what we all want to! That was the most amazing 11 mins and 40 secs of my was moving, humorous, but most importantly TRUTHFUL! Please Please vote on Nov 4 2008...O-BA-MA O-BA-MA O-BA-MA!!!


The "Heel's are on" comment was a really nice way to give license to suggestive magazine covers featuring SP's shoes and leggs......

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