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August 05, 2008



Yea!!! I love the added blue detail in Suede's mohawk. You really captured his annoying personality by the expression you created on his face. I'm not good with names but I just wish I could forget his!
I love Keith too and was holding my breath that he didn't get kicked off last week. He really should have listened to Tim concerning the shape of his dress. It is exactly what the judges hated about it.
Blayne's "girlicious" tanorexic vibe is hard to stomach, but I bet he ends up sticking around for awhile to torment the other designers, which makes for great Bravo TV. Will you shade his skin tan if you decide to sketch him?
I think Wesley is really cute but of course he was so kicked off so quickly we barely got to know him; plus he is dating Daniel his competitor. I think Daniel is also attractive as well really talented.
Sorry for the novel, I think it is from withdraws. So glad you are sketching Project Runway again! LOVE IT!!!


Yes!! I love the Project Runway drawings, and I'm diggin' this season so far. You should draw Kenley...she's my favorite! I love the whole Vargas pin-up girl thing she's got going on. Blayne is ridicuLICIOUS and I think he should go home next. Thanks for always blogging about the greatest show on TV!


PLEASE do illustrations of Blayne!! He has the funniest face and i'm sure you can make a hilarious sketch of him.


That Keith is perfect! I love how anti-climatic he is, not a bit of annoyance creeps from him. As a salt lake city residence.. I almost, selfishly, hope Keith doesnt win and stays here! I know I have heard his name kicked around town and word is he has created some fan-freaking-tastic clothes for local gals and did a runway show or two with some other local boutiques.. I hope its all true because thats one man I must make contact with!


does keith remind ANYONE else of mclovin from superbad?

everytime i see him i think mclovin... without fail.

Joe the Dog Lover

I think of McLovin as well.


Keith is by far the best character, but I don't see the resemblance.

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