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August 11, 2008



i miss my weekly scheduled programs on bravo... just been too busy. i swear i'll start back up when those crazy housewives come back on. what do you think vicki's doing right now? next season i totally see her getting a divorce & becoming a cougar... dating one of Michael's college roommates raaaaaarrrrrrrrrr


I love these! Blayne is a trip...he looks like a cute tan turtle. What's his catch phrase he says to Tim..."Holla at yo boy" funny. I don't know how long Stella will last doing everything either black or leather but I like her.

Not sure who I'm routing for but love that the African sista won that Olympic challenge.


If you like to watch Project Runway, then I hope you will tune into next season's America's Next Top Model because I think you could get some hilarious sketches out of it!
Love your stuff. Your blog is one of the funnest, more creative blogs I've seen!


TOO FUNNY! Love how you "actually" gave Blayne a TAN! He is tanilicious! and keeps me laughing hysterically! I know he'll "do me proud"!

Your sketch of Stella looks amazing!
"Love her "leatha" face"!!!


Blayne cracks me up. I wonder if he was relieved to be outed the other week, then he could get back to the tanning beds. ;)


I also liked to watch project runway, these sketches are amazing, I love this stuff.

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project runway is one of my favorites, these sketches are very coll

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One of the greatest shows ever... Blayne cracks me up he is the greatest

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Blayne cracks me up

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I also liked to watch project runway, these sketches are amazing, I love this stuff.

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