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August 21, 2008



When I first saw the Sports Illustrated cover, my reaction was "They are covering up the best part of him." Now that you have made him haute couture, I'm loving it:-) It looks like something Keith would have designed. I am so glad you have time on your hands now! I cannot get enough of Michael Phelps!!!!


I LOVE the bracelet!


HI David!

Love the designs my fav is the bracelet.
Hope you and your "half are great"


Ok, I thought the EXACT same thing when I first saw it. I wondered why he would pose in a halter top/dress. Anyway, did you know that his heart pumps twice as much blood as the average human in a single workout? The Olympics told me that as they were analyzing his body like NASA analyzes a spaceship. Good grief.


very good :D


That´s was very very funny!...more reasons to smile today! jaja!...thanks! job!...




we need a headpiece on him!!!

nice work
YSL would approve
or turn ova in his grave


Love you and Phelps!


Congratulations to Phelps. In my day - when I was young - etc., Mark Spitz was the man and he also was very dishy. My elderly gynaecologise had a huge poster of Mark Spitz attached to the ceiling above the patient examination table. He was dishy, dishy. I don't suppose laragmag could dig out some pics of him, for old times sake. He was the Master swimmer of his time and also an Adonis.


Olympic bondage!


Red Sonja!


Love the pics! LOL


OMG! I love this... the bracelet is my fave too... you should do a fashion spread featuring MP in different styles red ribbon and medals.

Amy Grindhouse

OMG! This illustration is perfect! Nice work :D

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