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August 12, 2008



Brazilliant! Not only are you clever in your head, but this cleverness travels down through your arms and onto paper! 5 stars! *****


How in Reese Witherspoon Hell did he get that buff and big that fast? What is with these stars. They're not real. They're robots, I'm convinced.

Holly Rachael Welch he looks STUNNING!!! and how do you do it? I cant believe how you capture a person's expressions and eyes talking to us in a cartoon drawing??

ps: I had lots of searches on my site for you from Mexico city... Looks like someone left an impression on his vacay!


It would be really interesting to know what he had to go through physically to do that. What his diet was, if he had a trainer(s) what that cost. I don't think you do that big a change without help, diet changes, trainers, etc. How could one find out?


If i'm not mistaken, he's been preparing since Januray or February to this movie, I love the Prince's games, I hope the movie's good.


Jake could be the new Hercules!!!


This picture/post is hilarious. Does the hair kind of make you think of Javier Bardem? I love it!


He looks like Javier Bardem.


This guy said it best "its Prince of Persia, not Prince of Caucasia" anyone thats a fan of the game knows he's absolutely the wrong selection.

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