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July 30, 2008



Hahaha good one. I get what he's trying to do, but the beginning of the ad looks like a mistake. Britney and Paris? Whoops... someone cut the film incorrectly. Fire someone in editing please.


McCain's ad campaign is not evil; it is politics as usual. Actually the McCain staff is just playing off the latest comments from ABC, MSNBC, etc., who are all beginning to think Obama's ego is getting a bit large. One of the pro-Obama commentators said "...he is acting as if the election is about him, and not the presidency."

Miss M

Ah, you hit the nail right on the head. You almost have to feel a bit sorry for McCain, his commercial is a desperate ploy. Unfortunately, there are enough stupid Americans out there to fall for it!


Wow, thanks. I saw that last night although I was three sheets to the wind. I giggle.

giggle giggle. giggle giggle.


I like your take on the ad (it mirrors mine completely) - but I especially appreciate your proposed ads. If only politicians were so honest!

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