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May 20, 2008


Tet Tet

Aren't you a little sick of doing the exact same picture of Tom Cruise in a dress over and over again?

Dr. Ding

Aw Gilmore, I missed ya, baby.

I been out healing the sick and such.

Very glad to see you're still out there pitting TomKat against one another in some kind of scary prom dress Battle Royale!

And, for the record, I think this looks better on Tom; the shiny sequins really counterpoint the maniacal gleam in his eyes nicely,

Dr. Ding


Yeah, that dress makes tom look kind of dumpy. He looked fabulous in that short red coat though. Nice legs, but no waist.

.....never stop mocking tom cruise!!!!


u forgot the necklace


Tommy, definitely. He's got the breasts for it.

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