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May 12, 2008



What an awesome posting! Your friends are so inspiring and you are as well. I completely agree with Samuel that it is simple to start small. If you look in your community, it is very easy to find volunteer work at a local shelter or as a child advocate just to name a few. Just make a difference in someone's life and it will make you feel GREAT!


This is so awesome!

It reminds me that there still a few good people out there.

I'm very happy for him!

Samuel Lippke

David, I am so honored that you would write this and sketch me!! I'm still so grateful for your kind words. Look forward to doing more in the is truly rewarding! Nice work to Justin for putting all this together!


I love that you generously post other people's work. This was a great read.


this is why i love coming to your site. you mix it up with hilarity and heart. very inspiring story. thanks for putting it out there!

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