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March 25, 2008



Obradma scared me! Obama would say "damn, i wish he'd have given me Pitt's ears!" Funny, funny stuff, i fully laughed out loud! My vote is for Obradma, hee hee...


I think the Brad Obama fusion is HOT! I love his total multicultural look!
As for Hillangelina, Angelina is so perfectly beautiful adding Hilary to the mix only takes away from her perfection--it does make Hilary look better though!
Sometimes, I wonder about your need to get take a break from the celebrities, since for me it is like a silly addiction.
When I read that Heather Mills does not think the $50 million she received plus the $70,000 a year that her daughter received in her divorce settlement is enough --I think I am ready to take my break from celebrities!


If you've got time, I'd be interested to see what Obradma and Hillangelina's child would look like...

slacker chic

those are two scarly looking...people?

Did you know this was featured on Huffington Post??? You're famous!

atteri gorkhey

Obradma is scary....


This is seriously hilarious! But for some reason, I can't look at Obradma very long. It creeps me out! :)


rofl i thought that was janice dickenson!




OK, the first step is admitting your when I went to TMZ...after I said I was taking a break from celebrities just hours ago....I was so excited to see YOUR POSTING!!!:


OMG! The Brad-Obama hybrid is frightening but the Hillary-Angie isnt as bad as I thought it might be! How about a Shiloh-Chelsea morph? Yikes!



Obama's ethnic makeup is 50% white, 43.75% Arab, and a whopping 6.25% black.


the hilary/angelina one looks like the actress who plays lindsey on this season of one tree hill.


I don't know why I didn't see this post before--you did a great job!


Obradma gets my vote.....and I wouldn't kick him out of bed either. ;)


Obradma look remind me of someone....hmm...

Magic Peachz

Doesn't Hillangelina look a lot like Venessa Williams from Ugly Betty?????

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