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March 06, 2008



I was thrilled for Christian. I loved Rami and Jillian but I have to say I really only paid attention to Christians runway show and had to replay the others. Sure I was high on sleeping pills but really does that matter? And I totally agree I wish people like Christian were on TV when I was a young'n. However your cats dresses would not have been in vain if kittywigs,com existed back then.


I adore Christian. I was so touched when he started tearing up and shaking his head no like he thought he wasn't going to win. I teared up watching him tear up. I think he is going to be the biggest winner to come out of Project Runway.


I knew he would win. To me, there was no other competition.


First of all, way to kick ass through the season with your commentary and illustrations. Seriously, the highlight of my thursday morning.
I have to tell you that the first paragraph of this totally reminded me of something David Sedaris would write. I love it. You're amazing.


I was afraid the judges would screw up, like how they kept letting Ricky stay all season, but thank god they realized the genius that is Christian. His whole line was amazing.


I'm so glad you sketched Victoria! Last night I was watching and hoping you would sketch her in all her, as Christian would say, fierceness! I was so addicted this season, and I want all 3 finalists to do well in fashion. Thanks for the blog on the finale, I missed it from the past few episodes!!!


I was sooooo syked!! I even cried!! Christian soo deserved it.:) I wish I could meet him.


I too screamed and cheered and CRIED like a baby! I'm a long time Project Runway fan but this season was the most amazing by far. Christian totally deserved it, and I swear this has made my entire week!!

(Side note: I saw a Chloe Dao laptop bag at OfficeMax the other day.. random no?)


I'm from Canada and been desperately trying NOT to be spoiled on the winner of project runway, pleaasseeee don't spoil like that,

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