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February 06, 2008


double the fun

This girl's face really bothers me. There something about her, from the side, that makes me gag.
Maybe its the double chin..i dont know. She is not the cutest cookie. Thats for sure.


All I can say is "EWWW" oh and "When is the next episode?"
I felt all dirty after watching this show.
Dolce guy wont stay single with his obvious winning ways with the ladies. I wonder if his date had to chip in her share?
I really believed the part where budget George Clooney and African American Angelina Jolie were now in a committed relationship.
I was enraptured when they realized their strongest bonds were...fake Angelina: "I lived in Pasadena" Budget George: "Wow I grew up in Pasadena"
Skip Valentines Day this was too much romance already!


This show is so sad and so is she. She was convincing some idiot that you'll be able to come home to a home cooked meal, clean house and great sex in the bedroom. And the idiot says - that sounds like a Russian mail-order bride. Idiot was right! Of course, then he requested an 18 year old...


What about Lola?!? Didn't she inspire you?
I love my Extreme Eastern European Barbie! She was fantastic...


The Millionaire Matchmaker lady is gross. Seriously I wish she would shut-up.

"I'm the VP of Bravo TV Viewing while in a Cabernet induced haze." <-- Beautiful! I love it!


D, these are awesome!


Thank you Love.
I am glad you joined all of us into that silly new show.
You captured Madame Patti perfectly as usual.


I adore your picture of Chelsea! She's so cute, and so dominated by The Matchmatrix. (Don't worry, Chelsea - we're all afraid!)

This show is fascinating. I can't believe what I hear Patti saying to the girls, even while denying she is another Heidi Fleiss. It's sort of schizoid to despise her clients so much, yet keep trying to make them (force them) to fall in love.

susan lynn

Who was the guy who said he fed 20,000 families last year. That comes out to 100 million dollars. (Then again, I have done my share, because, like his date, I have cut down on carbs.)
I can see why these men need help. They are all very weird.


As a fellow Bravo addict, I wasn't excited about this show from the previews either (and the entire premise of it), BUT, if you have the Tai/German episode on Tivo, I'd love to see your take on it. (It highlights two purportedly straight guys who bought a house together and want to each find a woman to date so that the four of them can all hang out together, and both have kids at the same time so that these two guys can continue to hang around each other all the time. Huh?) You have to see the episode for the full effect, but something seems a bit 'off' about them. Also included on that episode is a control freak posing as a spiritual type.

Disgusted X Patty

Patty is fortunate that there are rich men out there stupid enough to fall for her stupid game. $20,000 to have an ugly, (unsuccessful in relationships for herself) woman set up a vertual dog show of woman that are looking for a rich man. C'mon! For a thousand bucks you could run ads all over town by yourself casting bimbos looking for a guy to take care of them so they can stop thinking. Not that they do much thinking already. Patty is stupid. Her show is stupid. The guys that agree to be on her show are stupid. And I am stupid for actually watching 15 minutes of the most stupid show I have ever seen. slit my throat if I ever have to see Patty occupy my Television set again.


This show is really strange, how can bravo broadcast it?
Today I saw a rerun that she said: "man are like that: if his penis goes up, he liked, if it goes down..."
she is for sure a female luxury pimp.

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