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January 16, 2008



Gilmore - you made my day!! The Vicky stamp is the BEST!!!
Thanks for being the highlight of my Wednesdays!!



OMG, you are in rare form today! You killed it with your Vicki tramp stamp! All the people behind you in yoga class will feel jealous of you for having it! The first time that I laughed out loud today, so thanks!!!
Can't wait for the Chin & Lauri's royal wedding. Will they televise it here in Orange County, maybe live, because they are our royalty? hee hee, Real OC Housewife


Amazing I just loved Vicki's support of the OC's Hottest housewife. I don't have a Rolex either but I am turning 40 this year and apparently thats BIG!!! Vicki has a lot. She needs to take stock of it and she'd be singing a whole new tune. Jeana who I think is a good woman has probably realized that a good man is just that a good man. Vicki would be a fool to trade Don in on a newer model. I however almost went apeshit when they To Be Continued Lauri's session with the shrinkydink and Cody or Dillon or whatever her sons name is. He needs to answer for moving in with Georgies ex-wife. I need closure dadgummit!

stuck in AL

NO! NO You dident! Really?! No..... Really???


Hey Stuck in AL,
No.... I didn't. It's all photoshop fun, but my love for Vicky is real.


I laughed so hard that I cried when I saw your "tramp stamp" --that was just over the top hilarious! Nice back side by the way:-)
When Tamra said she DESERVED a Rolex for turning 40, I was thinking, well, it is no wonder you son turned out to be such a punk. And I thought it was funny that Jeana was saying "oh, I already have that just that Rolex just in a different color, I just never wear it." She is never impressed by anything Tamra has or does which I find amusing.
Vicki is always jealous of everyone and is just the type of person who will never be happy with what she has until she loses it. If Jeana takes Don, then I think Vicki will think he is something really special.
I agree with Jeff that we were ripped off about finding out why JOSH went to live with George's ex-wife. How in the world did that ever come about and boy would I LOVE to see what George's ex-wife looks like. I hope they go in depth about that next week.
Quinn was about the only likable character this week and it really shows in these great sketches! Although, I did find Simon and Billy a little more likable than usual.
Next week will definitely be bittersweet -- how can you ever top the tramp stamp??? Oh, I hope you try:-)


Fantastic! The genius is all in the photoshopped tat--even the reddish border!


Hahaha I like that your $5,000 pants have a fold on the pocket like you've been sitting on your butt for a while getting that tattoo ;)

Words can't describe what I am thinking. I watched it last night and man there is a lot goin on there.

Jeana wanting to steal anybody's man, Vicki wanting to get laid by someone new, poor Quinn still trying to convince Billy to hook her and then there is this beautiful tramp stamp!

I have never seen you do Vicky in color. Do more in color please, awesome!


Wow...I was just in awe of your butt and long fingers! You really over-did it on your tramp stamp. I would think because it's Vicki, it would be plastered over your heart.

I have to say you're being "soft" on Quinn....not something SHE would personally like after all her sex talk last night! Bwahh, haaa, haaa!


This show conveys the idea that Orange County is pristine and filled with botoxed, tucked, nipped, neurotic, people! What a shock when some family from Iowa shows up for their Disneyland vacation and has to drive through all of the hookers and drug addicts lining the driveway entrance to the "Magic Kingdom"...Oh wait! that's just the RHWOOC amd their kids!!

Can't make a silk purse outta a pig's ear, and that about covers every single one of these women who I have yet to see doing anything to pay society back for their lucky lottery in life, and the REAL Orange County has plenty of people that could use a hand. I have had enough of these old bags.


U kill meh >.<


The Chino: $5,000
The Shirt: 67,000
The Black Undies: $450
The Vicky Tramp Stamp: PRICELESS


My favorite moment: "brainy" Billy, who loves to correct other people's grammar and pronunciation, doesn't know the difference between the verbs "lie" and "lay".


Tamra is 40 years old? I never heard that before now! Are you working for the FBI or something?


Very, very funny! You have saved me from having to watch this episode. I have now missed two and I think I am better for it. The ladies are starting to bore me a bit. But not you. You, my friend, are very, very entertaining.


You're brilliant! Scathing social commentary lubed by wine and ink--my world is brighter and better for it. Thank you!


gorgeous. both you and vicki.


You are beyond funny! Now, my chinos cost $10,000 - only because they are made of shredded one dollar bills. Jealous? You should be!

debbi radford

LOVE YOU! So Brilliant! I am happy today because of you! Please watch celebrity rehab on VH1. I hope your job in real life encompasses drawing; your talent needs to be showcased and paid for. Thank you for sharing with us for free!

buzzed and sleepy

Oooh, the Vicky tramp stamp... Oh my gosh - - you are officially a MESS! GENIUS!

P.s. I'm so glad somebody else noticed that tacky ass Fredericks of Hollywood dress that Tamra had on. I like Tamra but come on!!


You captured Jeana perfectly, there was something weird going on with her eyes that night- can't quite put my finger on it. I, too, nearly fell off the couch when Vicki said "tramp stamp" LOVES it. When that Stacey person came through the door, i thought for a minute that it was Chinny McChin's ex, but I now think that it's the chick from Celebrity Fit Club. How are they going to fit the Josh dramz in with the circus wedding of the year? I pray it's a two-parter. Did anyone else think that Lauri's eyebrows were INSANE? Did she draw them on like that to make her face look concerned/evil? Hmm. I'm beginning to think that Quinn is the prettiest out of all of them, she doesn't try to be porn star barbie, whereas, Lauri's face is so busted she looks like she had a stroke. PS Billy is a douche, Quinn! He is not your guy! Go with Jared.


I don't understand what Quinn could ever see in "My Boyfriend Billy." I think he is a dimwit who likes the sound of his own voice too much. She needs to dump him!

The greed on Vicki's face when she saw that Rolex was so funny that I nearly rolled off the couch laughing. She must have been a deprived child to be so materially obsessed and jealous. That's my favorite Vicki moment from now on.

not feeling well

To: Cortluvsvickii - you're right, Quinn is the prettiest one, she's just a big girl from the shoulders down. and ITA that Billy is wrong, wrong for Quinn and wrong in general.


@ buzzed and sleepy

LMFAO about ", Lauri's face is so busted she looks like she had a stroke" OMG I wonder how low her self-esteem would drop if she read that...LOL

Princess Jo

I love the posts and the drawings!!! BTW: Does anyone know what George does for a living?

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