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December 13, 2007




Oh man. This was so inappropriate. And special. I loved it.

My Christmas wish? My Christmas wish is for your wish to come true. But only if you get it on video tape...and if you do, you have to give a thumbs up to the camera at least twice.

Reach for the stars my man.

Holy Cuteness

Haha, very good...

stuck in AL

OMG - I did a spit take all over my screen! That is soooo freakin funny! No, that's not too much to ask for. I hope with all my heart you get your wish and bend him for me too!

Ang :o)

There's still time to write to Santa. That sure as hell beats a Red Rider BB Gun with a compass in the stock.

Merry X-mas and Thanks for the giggles.

RayBan Sunglasses

lol.......... read about such a fantastic wish after a looong time. You are just amazing!

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