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December 15, 2007


Holy Cuteness

Wow, "he" really looks huge...

stuck in AL

As much as I would love to believe it's true, just the fact she had to say what she did makes me think it's not. It's still a nice thought though... vavavooooom! Come to mama!


When I try think about Posh's comment, I become discombobulated...


Do you have a towel?


she rly said tat? haha lol~ exhaust pipe? is she hinting david's *ehem* smells like smoke? haha

Dr. Ding

Tractor exhaust? Hollow, metal, and extruding sooty, smelly discharge?


There's nothing quite so damning as faint praise!


Look at YOU, Mr. Gilmore! You are tops on TMZ with 21 of your drawings! How COOL is THAT? Congrats....WELL deserved exposure! Love ya! Sindy


he is so cool on the football field,he is a very great man, I like him so much. I saw that he is in the top 50 men list of"". He should be the TOP1 in my mind. And i heard that he appeared on a millionaire&celebrity dating club "" with a personal account there. Is it real or just a rumor on internet?


hahaahh David it's so hilarious...
i want this for Xmas!!


If this was a black man it would be believable. Some white men are hung too you know.


Do you think her vagina is bony? I do.

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