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December 03, 2007



excellent excellent job David! Nice to see you using your "traditional" skills again. I bet Howard would buy this.

Bonni Elizabeth Hall

Hmmm. Perez Hilton (aka Mario Lavandeira) claims to be the Queen of All Media. I think Beth better watch her back...


Dang you're good!!!


Hi David,

GREAT drawing of Howard and Beth!

Tonight is "Housewives" night. Remember to DRINK-UP!

Would LOVE to see your drawing of some of the "Kids" FOR SEY (As Lindsey said last week) the slacker, Ryan; dingbat Ashley; Spacey Lindsey!


LOVE IT! LOVE Howard too. Sirius Rocks.


LOVE IT., sent a link to Howard 100 news.

Debby Boltman

I have listened to Howard forever and purchased my satellite and subscribed to Sirius before he moved. I love the picture. Very nice!

debbi radford

Listen to Howard religiously; love him! I never turn off channels 100 or 101 in my car. The drawings are spectacular; so spot on! Beth turned out exceptionally great. I also love Real Housewives and will now be a devoted fan of your website! I thought Lauri was pretty until this season; what happened? I watch these episodes over and over like I am addicted. The only show I liked as well or maybe even a little better was Blow Out. I so miss Jonathan! Thanks for the drawing; I have posted it on my cube wall at work!

Afire Cracker

I listen to every minute of the Stern show daily...Hey Now! It is a can't miss.

Recently starting checking out your site it. Filled with talent and wit!


This is amazing! Next time you draw them, please remember Bianca, their cute little white bulldog


Oh, this is the best!

Love your HoWeave drawings, too.

So glad you finally tuned into Sirius. I'm really enjoying the History of Howard Stern.

Happy Holidays!

Stern Show Chat

Thats really good!

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