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November 06, 2007


Bonni Elizabeth Hall

I have no direct experience with the show, and that's probably a good thing. However, I did look it up a while back, to see what it was about, and your drawings are excellent! I got a real kick out of them, comparing them to the photos, etc.

I actually hope I never see the show. Your drawings are more than enough! ;)


My favorite parts of tonight's episode were Vicki's two fading black eyes, indicative of her recent (badly done) facelift, the worst kept secret on set. You can see them in the scene where she and Briana have lunch. That ain't a shadow, folks. Oh, that and Briana's relative indifference about the leased Mercedes, much to Vicki's supreme disappointment.

Kara's the most relate-able person on this show, and that is sad.


I am shamefully addicted to this show. I am an OC housewife, and my life is nothing like this. Lauri is my favorite icky housewife, but I hella miss Jo and Slade for their special brand of creepiness. Your wine soaked TIVO drawings are my fave, how about drawing the kids of the OC housewives, maybe Shane, hee hee. Thanks, Gilmore


LOL "and a huge glass of merlot" you are hilarious. i saw advertisements for the show and thought of you : ) i'll watch it if i ever catch it on : )


I watched the show last night and thought Vicki looked a little "refreshed" since last season. She's def more insane now. What is the new hausfrau's name, the one who keeps reminding us that she's 40? Her face did NOT move at all. I became cold and frightened. Darn you David, I am addicted to this show because of you!!! Keep drawing these insane chicks - you are the master.



Unfortunately, I have seen this show. You have managed to capture my exact thoughts of Vicky.


I have to say I always watched this show but when you first put up your drawings of the Real Housewives you made it OK for me to come out and actually admit to others how much I love this show.


These drawings are amazing!! The Real Housewives of OC is like my crack. Vicky is so crazy..her daughter is still a virgin because she's so scared of her mother lol..great job!!


Ha! Your rendition of Vicky is freakin' hilarious. She used to be one of my favorites in Season 1 but now she's all wacky and, is it just me or does she seem lit half the time? Seriously. I'd like to see you do Jo and Slade.. I know they aren't on the show anymore but they are seriously cartoons too! They are like bad versions of Barbie and Ken!

Anyway. Love it, as always, and put it on my website.

Keep up the good work :)


I LOVE this show!! I'm sad to say that I called in sick to work so I could stay in bed and watch 10 hrs of it. I miss jo and Slade- he was so fucking creepy, but at the same time I was thinking "Jo just shut up and deal-you're going to end up broke and driving a Camry" anyway, yeah, Lauri's lips are going to be sagging down to her fake tits by season 4 (Please God, let there be a season 4 and 5 and 10)


Once again, you deliver the goods -- your work is just fabulous. You captured the Housewives perfectly -- Vicki's pig nose, Lauri's pretty-but-tranny look, the overly Botoxed-Restalyned-cleavaged vibe of all of them. Can you please do a repeat performance of this? I saved all of your Housewives art and posted them in my home office because they always make me LAUGH when I need it the most.


Your "wine induced" Vicky is perfect!! I love all your Housewives renditions and I hope you continue to do more of the characters. This show is my guilty pleasure and has made me appreciate my life on the East Coast:-)


It must be the Miss Piggy nose that makes Vicky so tantalizing for a cartoonist to draw.

BTW that show is like a train wreck... I can't look away!

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