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November 14, 2007


Madame M

I feel like something is missing in the NSFW version. Maybe some sort of crustacean.


Yeah, I really agree with Madame M. Maybe you shoulda got 14 to edit the piece for missing bits before going live with it.


BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! I love you dude!!! LMAO!!! >D

Doodle Whore

Wow. That pole is going to need some serious counseling after that attack from Paris's nether parts. Perhaps they make Valtrex wipes specifically for stripper poles? As always, well done Gilmore!

Jenn F.

*laughing at Doodle Whore*

My thoughts exactly.


details Paris details! :)


Haha, brilliant!


pdp, sounds like some sort of new std. and if a new std does appear on earth, it will start in paris' cooter.

New York Hotel

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