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November 07, 2007



Ok Im gonna watch it again because it made me laugh out! You are truly an artist. Making us laugh time and time again now thats a gift. Please do Britney or Ugly Betty next LOL Whatever you do I love it!


I liked your animation very much. The only thing I would have done differently would have been having bugs crawling out of that matted up hair ball.


Oh my god!! That was GREAT! That was a lot like the animation for Flying Circus. By the way i got a new email addy so change it up in your address book!! <3


How come we can understand you? You were supposed to get shit faced before you started making the video! Some Wino fan you are! Sheeesh.


That was fantastic!!!!!!


LOL!!! That was creepy.


LOVED the stuff coming out of her hair! I expected to see a small animal- or a small Pete Doherty- scampering out of there.



Loves it!

That was amazing. You need to make more animations! Still love Mz Wino despite everything. Just won't be going to see her live any time soon.


OMG! I know I say this all the time...but I love you. That was great...


LMAO! That's hilarious Gilmore. Great job with your first animation. You know you gotta do more now, right?


Love it!! Made me laugh at loud and kudos for the missing teeth.


This made me laugh so much. ThereĀ“s definitely some potential for more of these animations. Keep up the good work & kudos!

Devin Marie

That was the funniest thing I've seen in a while. AH I can't stop laughing ahhaha.


OMG! So loving the new animation. Whenever I miss you I am going to play that.

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