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October 04, 2007



mmmm.. One a day keeps the sanity away!


But shouldn't the cappuccino be empty? Oh wait, maybe she passed out already!

It's Britney, bitch

Don't tell no one, y'all, but I gives summa mah frappercino ta Sean and Jayden! I guess now that K-Fed has them babies I'll have more of it fer mahself to enjoy tho, y'all!


This websie is great! amazing work. :)


hahahah GROSS!!!!!

I haven't eaten cheetos for a long-ass time cos celeb-bloggers keep making cheetos sound disgusting AND i keep associating it with Britney. and now I associate Starbucks with Britney, too.

what a massive yuck overload.


Oh, you dun and forgot the Car'mel sauce y'all!

But nice... and disgusting.

Madame M

I. Love. You.

Too funny. Yet sad.


LOL! All you need is a shaved beaver in the photo. I've heard they're not that hard to find in Hollywood.


That is HYSTERICAL! It's everything Britney, rolled into a revolting drink.


Theft is the sincerest form of theft...


this is freakin hilarious. =D

Dr. Ding

[Sorry I've been away, darling! Kiss kiss! My lil ole Crackberry wouldn't allow me to post comments, so I had to keep my various witty remarks to myself. Quel horreur!]

I made this concoction last night, and immediately sprouted hair extensions. Imagine my surprise!

When I woke this morning I had this insatiable urge to run outside with my cooter exposed while asking passers-by to take pics.

Is that so wrong, y'all?


My Cheetos wouldn't fit through the straw, y'all. Normally I could suck...nevermind, TMI...

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