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October 20, 2007



Pretty sure "Sister Patterson" her "mom" might just be daddy too... New York seems to have a bit of masculine to her.. but Sister Patterson... thats a dude if I ever saw one.


omg the middle pic of new york is dead on!


p.s. the other pics of her and her mom are great too. i just loved the 2nd one cause it brought up repressed memories of that nasal-y laugh of hers! ugh.


haha very spot on!
I love that show *hangs head in shame* I can't help loving the cheesy reality shows!


Ha ha I was just watching the show #2 I will admit I brought the first season on itunes LOL Yeah I know Im crazy but I cant help it she makes me laugh. Love how you didnt forget her teal eye shadow.


awesome drawings!! they all look so lif like. i have this site as one of my favs.


'I love NY' is one of my guilty pleasures too. NY is halariously ridiculous. And her mom reminds me of dracula.

Anywho, I like your sketches. They're on point.


i recently posted a blog about how there are certain celebrities that are so ugly you just can't tear your eyes away - like a horrific traffic accident. new york made the list.


I come for the celebrity bashing...but I stay for the awesome art work.




I would LOVE you so much if you did Mandy Lynn from VH1's "America's Most Smartest Model"


like everyone else... i LOVE that show!!! it's just hilarious to see jealous guys fighting over her!!!


I agree with Claire.. it would be awesome to see Mandy Lynn done by you. As for Ms. NY and Sister P... they are some ugly women.. but I can't stop watching that train wreck of a show.


OK, OK, I have too, admit that I Love NY is one of my quilty pleasures. Ok, Ok, Shot of Love with Tila Tequila is another one. And yes, I need to get out more.
David, you nailed them both. You are amazing!!

brittany O.

blue eye shadow. dead on. super funny.


Are you sure they are who you say they are? I've never seen the show, so I think the second picture looks like Star Jones after a Taco Bell run and the last one is a new print ad of Sara Jessica Parker for Covet. The Sara Jessica one is spot on! I'm just sayin.


haha great job!! That's dead on NY and her crazy mom! Her eyes are always closed from the lashes or maybe high? I duno. She's just nasty! lol.


OMG, i ended up on this page by mistake and laughed my azz off!!! I was in a pretty stinkin mood, so this was just what i needed!! excellent work!!

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