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October 23, 2007



The hot ones are always gay *sigh*

-Tiff from Jerz


Brilliantly intoxicating sketch!


He's a hottie... Do you really think he's gay?


I think you should have showed more of his "excitement" in that picture. Looks like he got ripped off.



bow chicka wow wow


Ive been know to get turned on by watching 2 good looking men kiss. Hes a hottie 4 sure! And if he is gay Im hoping there's a Sex Tape where I can get my rocks off...LOL A girl could dream!



Girl, you say, "where I can get my ovaries off." This is how we talk in our locker room! Ovaries!

Speaking of which, anybody got a cigarette?


Whyyyyy does he have to be gay? *sigh*


did you know his mom is gloria vanderbilt? i did a little research to find out if he is gay (and he is for those questioning).

Becca the Promo Mami

i LOVE anderson cooper :: its an unhealthy obsession for a 20 year old girl

i watch 360 almost daily


You really captured that mischievous grin. If Anderson Cooper weren't so hot, I would be significantly less informed about world news.

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