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September 27, 2007



You are a genius. You have beautifully captured the seamy dark side of LiLo in all her freckly, entitled glory. You just know she stole the coke while wearing her infamous bikini-with-high-heels get up. I hope she gets better in rehab.


Oh how I wish to run into her... her rehab isn't that far away from here... poor little LiLo.. I really hope she can turn it around, she's starting to scare people... and it takes alot to scare Steve-O. haha


Hilarious! You draw her so well its just fascinating. I love it.

-Tiff from Jerz


I think you were nice to her on this one, she`s SO much fatter than that, come on, I want to see that gut she`s rocking!


That's an awfully big bag of coke ya got there--wait--celeb bag, right.


Oh, my God. BRILLIANT! I can't stop laughing. Love the freckled skin. So spot on.


1. Her body language is genius.
2. I love that the bag is labeled "coke"
3. The smoke coming out of her one nostril is gorgeous.
4. I love you. You make my life.

If you ever stop making art, I will hunt you down. Don't make me do that. I'd rather not be on the news.


People who do blow on a regular basis wouldn't even think twice about lifting a bag of coke. They also lick the floor at the end of the night when there's no more blow. I've seen it! Pretty sad.


LOL you never fail to amuse me!!!

Greg O

Hehe that drawing is a spitting image of Lohan! :D


I love her sun-damaged shoulders!!!


OF COURSE she took that shizz! Love the frecles, too, so..captivating.


I read this! i cant believe she did this shit to steve-0 crazy!


Crap! I just drooled red wine on my new keyboard! Damn you for making me laugh! are those freckles or hair folicles on her legs!? What a riot! You rock!

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