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September 19, 2007


Dr. Ding

I think Ms Griffin is sadly underrated. Her comedy is snarky, bitchy, hypercritical and hysterical -- and I hope she never changes a thing!

She's a pointy, uproarious kick in the pants! A catty tornado of hilarity! A sassy little ginger minx!

And, I think she's incredibly quick-witted and intelligent, which is probably why so many folks don't "get" her comedy--it's over their heads! So, I would totally believe that Woz and she would hook up.

Apple Ice! I LOVE it. I'm such a nerd.


I'm so happy for her. I'm sure she doesn't care about his money, only that he's not after hers.


Oh boy! Good for Kathy!! I love her SOO much, I watch reruns of her show all day long when I need a good laugh. She's awesome. *gushes too*

Sabina England

I agree with Dr Ding, Kathy Griffin is underatted and I just love her sense of humour. She's so rude and snarky, with that lovely vulgar British-style humour.

Her show rocks, and I just freakin love this woman. She's been in the biz for a long time and worked her ass off to get where she is today. And she has talent, unlike many dumb whores today.

Viva La Griffin!!!!


I sooo agree.. I dont think Kathy is with him for his money. Kathy may not be SUPER rich, but she is well off on her own.. she doesnt need a sugar daddy! Matt stole something like 70,000 bux from Kathy.. she is probably just happy to be with a guy who loves her for her, and not for her money. He may not be a looker but he looks very kind and thats what she needs!!


I love you for drawing Kathy and being nice to her!! She is my favorite comedian and A list in my book. I am going to see her in Atlantic City on October 5th for my birthday Im sooo excited. She is by far the best I never miss an episode and I wish her the best if she really is engaged! She is not low at all she has a big heart im sure she really likes this guy and not his money. Look at her ex! She is truly my favorite, thank you for posting about her! Keeo up the good work, I absolutly love your website!

-Tiff from Jersey


Love lOve loVe lovE your artwork. You capture the essence and humor perfectly. Thanks.


You finally did Kathy!!! I love it David. I'm very glad you were kind to her because if you weren't I'd have to come over and spank you.


Woo Hoo! I sure hope this is accurate... No one deserves to find happiness more than Kathy. I'm sending out OOooodles of Best Wishes to her and Steve W!


Oh yes, she is hilarious and snarky and I love her make-fun-of-Hollywood humor. Plus, I love her main gays. I need some of my own. Gay men truly are the most fun and great guys all around.

Another awesome picture! Oh and the Oscar Day La Jolla ones above and hilarious.



I love how you captured her fiery red head beauty! She is actually quite an attractive woman and I'm glad you brought that out! Viva Kathy!


Did someone mention spanking David? Back off betches!! If anyone is going to caress....umm er ah, spank that creamy skin, c'est moi!
Oh, yeah, I like Kathy, too!


Looooove Ms. Griff , D is totally the new A :)


Kathy Griffin is hilarious.

Here's some inspiration for you.

Read this press release:

Then, draw Kathy shoving here Emmy up Bill Donohue's ass!

I'd love to see that.

Here's how she really responded:

Griffin, whose standup comedy shows often focus on mocking and dishing on celebrities, issued a statement through her publicist in response to the Catholic League’s criticisms, indicating her statements were meant as a joke.

“Am I the only Catholic left with a sense of humor?” she said in the statement.


Bravo. Kathy is soooo loved here.




Check out what a winger troll wrote about Griffin on my blog:


Unlike miss sucky sarah silverman sho sucks Kathy is actually funny


She has only gotten better since her days with Regis.

Go Kathy.


Idiot LibTard...


Horse Face Fire Crotch!

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