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September 05, 2007


Dr. Ding

I gotcha in my Blogroll honey!

This post made me giggle like a Japanese schoolgirl, all bashful-like and dainty.



Ah, now I understand, it's all in the teeth.


Elton is nothing but a loud mouth, overstuffed, tired old queen who thinks anyone gives a shit about her 2 cent rants.

Damn, now I sound just like her.


Love your pen work darling.
Whenever I see Elton, I somehow smell his flowery, musty colongne. Did I spell colonge right? Colon Ge. heh. Anyway, when I look at your drawing of him, I smell it. Good work in capturing his flowery puffiness.



"When she's on tour at age 84 up there on stage doing the fox trot while singing La Isla Bonita, I'll be in the front row screaming until my dentures pop out."

I effin' love you...


David, just perfect. Perfection.

I too am a Madonna fan. Huge. I saw her in concert at MSG a few years ago. I was stunned.

Sabina England

Madonna was a pioneer back in the days when there was no Internet, myspace, Youtube, or blogs. She made it to the top with hard work (and some would say, sex), but whatever... much respect to the Queen!

joe to hell

don't get me started on that pathertic wigged freak.

she shoulda cut him from muff to tit, live on tv

heart you for hearting her!

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