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August 08, 2007



I'm glad this isn't happening.. it would have been a waste of space on t.v. There's so many good shows out there that people should be watching instead of crap like this (even though its so much fun to watch the trainwrecks they really are!). Now its rumored that a reality show about Kim Kardashian and her family will take the spot that Kimbo and Kelly were going to have.


Complaints? It's brilliant as usual, except Kimberly Stewart isn't as totally fug as she is in real life. You were kind to her. Have to say I've always like Kelly even if we share the same sort of unfortunate round face. You could be a stick figure but look like the Pillsbury doughboy with that face. Kelly is at least something of an original compared to most of young Hollywood. As long as she doesn't try to sing again..


Smashingly gorgeous!

You know, I don't know why Hollyrude won't turn back to doing pieces on real starts before all the fame, like, where they struggled in poverty until they were discovered, and then, what's going on in their heads as they watch their spoiled offspring waste their money away. Or maybe there could be a show where DNA specialists go around and find the long lost bastard children of people like Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page...


Who would want to see a show like this anyway? To me, Kelly is ok because her spoiled fits are funny to watch, but nothing could be more boring than watching Kimberly S (aka Paris wantabe) try to make us think she is interesting!


Well I can't complain you are always so asstute(hahaha ass) sorry,
but it is brilliant!
So they do remind me of the new "Laurel and Hardy" that's all!


OMG,LOL, look at how many teeth Kelly has! LOL, LOL


It's not Donna SummerS (plural) it's Donna Summer (singular.) I'm sick of how this woman is so underrated people don't even know her correct name. Especially in this age of free mp3 music, download everything you can find, listen to it, and thank me later. Educate yourself!

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