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July 18, 2007


Madame M.

I agree on both counts, and I don't think there is anything wrong with seeing things that most people cannot see. That's why you're an artist ;o)


there isn't just one giant eyeball, there are 2 eyes, one open and one closed as well as a the brows and some forehead.


I see the face. But shouldn't she have one "wandering" eye?


I totally see the frowny face and the big eye too. If you figure out what drugs we're on, let me know...


You're not crazy, I see it too...there's also a pair of eyes in the wood grain on my neighbour's front door...creepy.


It IS there! I didn´t see it at first, but now I have and I think it´s kind of scary ;)


I see 2...the left one is closed.


I thought the same thing when I saw that picture. And I can see the eye. Only retards would think your on drugs, some people have no sense of creativity or imagination.


MWHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Hysterical I needed a good laugh. Thanks so much. And no...I don't think you're on drugs. I smoke way too much weed and I see it, so...there you go. *hugs* Love you!

twatty mcsnatch

I thought it was the Shroud of Turin when I first saw it. Could god be speaking to us through Tara Reid's flappy belly skin?


It is a normal human reaction to see human features in nature. We look at faces all day, so when you looked up in the clouds you saw something that you see on a daily basis.


Hahahahahahah I thought the same, her stomach looks like a sad face (fug sad face xD) The last pic is amazing... I love it ;)



Eye was looking for his face, which got lost and found itself on Tara's tummy.


Ok, yeah, I see the other closed eye too.


Love how you captured the cellulite thighs and drunk eyes.


See, that's why I don't look up into the sky that much when it's cloudy, I might see something that would scare the shit out of me, and this, my friend, did it! Big Brother is watching indeed.


I totally see the eye, quite beautiful actually.


Hahahaha. This is very funny. I see it too! Am I on drugs? D, what do you think? Hahaha. :P

Btw, loving your art more and more, D. :)


LOL, this is too hilarious.. you'd have to be blind NOT to see the face in her saggy ass stomach! Eeeww!!

You've done it again.. "All hail the king!"


The face on her stomach is more pleasing than the one on her face.
Hi David!!!


post more of those pictures of the eye in the sky. It looks too perfect to be real. I would say photoshop from someone who knows his way around photoshop (ahem you).


I saw a very similar scene the other day, didn't have a camera or I would post it. I see it! If there is something wrong with seeing things in clouds then I'm way wrong!


Shoot, I was'nt even done reading all of the post and caught the left eye w/ prephial(?) vision..kooookyyy..


uh, you're not crazy, well maybe you are, but, I see it as well =)


It's typical of devic activity. The spirits of nature are pretty much denied by modern humanity, but then many of modern humanity deny their own spirit too. Anyway nature needs intelligent control and those devas are that intelligence and that control. I have seen many such formations in the clouds, but what's the use of talking about it? It just gets a laugh. Once I saw two eyes, perfectly and normally aligned, outlined in the clouds. After a while they elongated and gradually morphed into two perfect wings. As I said, there's not much profit in photographing it, or drawing it, or describing it, people don't want to hear about it or know about it.


That eye in the sky pic is cool. Maybe it's God looking down on us.

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