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July 03, 2007


Madame M

It's wrong, but it's oh-so-right.

Welcome back!


Hey D.,
Hope you had a good rest.
This is so apropo! McD's might be, no is probably,so offended! HAHAHAHAHA ; }
OMFG!!This is just so typical and you(n-I) just can't help but stare...DUH! LOL ; p
You are so good at calling it when u see it.UGH!!! and those canoos that she calls feet! HAHAHAHAHA!! TREMENDOUS ; }


Denise Richards was photographed on the beach with not only her crotch showing but the bathing suit was askew so that everything showed in the photo. Yet there has been very little comment on it.

I'm not a Paris fan, but this photo is absurd and an invasion. I'm sure everybody who goes to the beach is a possible victim for a photo just like that.

No, I didn't think of the golden arches. It's just you.




GREAT drawing! You are so inspired... McDonalds!!? LOL
And I'm GLAD ur back to drawing Paris.. she is by far the most idiotic celeb! She practically does your job for you, no? You just throw in the genius...


OMG! This is soo funny. I love your drawings. You are so creative. I thought I was the only living true evil genius in the world muawhahahaha(insert evil laugh):)


Hahaha. I love it! :P

That's hot. (Paris Hilton voice)


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