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July 24, 2007



This is my first time coming to this website. Got the link from You are very talented (and funny). I bookmarked this site as I will be visiting often. Really good stuff!!!


LOL at this drawing and especially your comments.. "dumbshit detector ring".. too much.
And for the record, I was once on that SCRAM program, and the moment it stops getting it's readings, it's supposed to send a signal and the place who monitors it 24 hours a day gives you a call, and sometimes you are arrested or have to go into court again, so yeah, she must've bought her anklet at the costume store, because that thing AIN'T connected!


What is WRONG with HER? Gaaah. Her brain's all effed up. Tsk tsk. Crazy.

* Still loving your art, D. :)


I love, love, love the way you paint faces! You're capturing personality and humor in them. I don't know how you do it, but you're good...


fuckin funniest shit ever

i hate lindsay

Tet Tet

This is the best drawing of Lindsay Lohan I've ever seen. You have her totally down.

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