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July 11, 2007



lol at your comments
and the drawing achieved it's desired affect.. eewww


Tsk. Such a waste of a pretty face. He BADLY needs to clean up! Our dog's way cleaner than him. Hahaha. :P


I love your work and I love Pete!!!Awesome Job:)


I don't know how to feel about him, well I now now He GROSS ME OUT and WTF is wrong with Kate Moss is she blind???

P.S.Loving your work more and more!


it would have been even better if you had drawn a little rubber duckie.

you got the teeth perfectly.


I'd still do him, oh yeah, baby, oh yeah! Mmmm, Petey!


Strangely, this drawing makes me feel just as nauseous as a regular ol' picture of the guy. You're great!!


Is this a cartoon or the real Pete? Ewwww... he's disgusting. I hate him.

twatty mcsnatch

Kinda looks like Baby Face Finster in that pic.


HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my God. This is brilliant. I feel the exact same way every time I see a pic of him. My skin crawls. Bleah. He is absolutely revolting. Always pale, sweaty and greasy looking. All the time. Does he bathe? Makes you wonder. Then there's the sores that are always all over him. And his smoker's fingers. Oh yeah. Lovely. What the hell is Kate thinking? Yeesh.

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