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July 18, 2007



OMG I love your blog! This post is hilarious!

Morris Young

If a man comes to your front door and says he is conducting a survey And asks you to show him your bum, do not show him your bum. This is a scam. He only wants to see your bum. I wish I had got this yesterday. I feel so stupid and cheap. -The Bum


I've been a fan for a while i esp love Pete Doherty-- exactly how i feel about him, cannot comprehend all these gals wanting to bed him errrrghh! -- Paris Sketchbk, Hot Painting Lovely Lady, and An Evening with Star and Al -- and we don't even see the latter two here in Auz. But you have been waaaaayy too kind to David Gest. He looks human, healthy pink and intelligent. Strangely enuff Tara's bro looks just like him (see Perez). Thanks so much for the laughs, you are so very talented -- best wishes Mezza


Lol but you're too nice to him, you gave him the gift of a square jaw!.. He looks even more freaky in reality than in your drawing! What a clown!!


I've been gone for a few days, but I'm so glad I'm back!!

Your David Gest has made my day!


I find it hard to look at David Gest, but your illustration makes it much easier. He's going to make a great comedian - all he has to do is stand on stage and not say anything. He'll bring down the house.

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