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June 27, 2007



HAHAHAAAAA!!! "CNZ"!!!!!! "TNN" LOL!!!!!!!

Oh man!! Herpes Hilton is such a joke... I'm so happy! :)


haha fat Nicole Richie, sigh. So ingenius.


omg, so funny and cute :)

"I think your show is really fun and your suspenders are cute."

Madame M

Heehee! Would she blog about taking naked pictures of herself on her phone or about her Valtrex prescription, you think?

*waits eagerly*





I work in the building where Endeavor Agency is (Talent agency that just recently dropped Paris) and Cisco Adler was here not too long ago... he is as ugly in person as he is in pictures. And short!... and hairy!... and greasy!

I guess its a good thing they dropped Paris... every time she was here it was hell getting out of the parking because of the swarms of paparazzi just waiting outside.

Not to mention Mr. Chow's accross the street!


That was just TOO funny! I love the whole "Paris Sketch Book" thing... 'tis wonderful. (God, how I love you!)


she is soooo stupid

Sabina England

i REALLY REALLY like this. It's scary that Paris actually draws/writes like that. Good work copying her "style."


why doesn't it show the guy's balls ??????

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