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May 30, 2007


martin k.

so cute !! ;)

and loved the story, too.

Madame M

See? Now you just have to ask her. And ask her if she's managed to clone herself, because I'm pretty sure I've seen someone just like her walking down the street. ;o)


I bet she is a former dancer of some sorts. I love seeing old women with faces full of make-up, too! They always remind me of Bette Davis in 'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane'?


you NEED to talk to her. Find out her story and then give us all an update. Now you've got me fascinated with her!



I believe I've seen her as well! If it is the same woman, I spoke with her in the locker room; an older song was on (that I knew and now can't remember) and she said, "I was a chorus girl in this picture" was fantastic. I do wonder if we are speaking of the same woman...I don't remember a wig. Nonetheless, fun stuff!


Im especially enjoying your gym characters. I want to know her story too!


Maybe her name is Lola, and she WAS a showgirl.


Oooh.. She is SO CUTE! :D
Yes, I agree.. Introduce yourself to her and tell us all about what happened. Hihi. :P


lol Have you seen her lately?

Air Jordans

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I am pretty sure this is Sheila Cuff or Cluff. The person I think it is, I'd an old-ER former skater/actress who owns a run-down 'spa' in Ojai, 'The Oaks in Ojai'. We there @ 10 years ago- awful experience. The place is a shambles, I got an infection from the UNLICENSED manicurist & an rye infection from the 'make-up artist/personal stylist'. Anyway, as you can tell- I would never go back & would strongly DIScourage my friends. Perhaps Google her name with 'images'--- I an almost certain this is the same person.

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