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March 14, 2007



*covering eyes in HORROR*

Look at the little pink undies!!! Fantabulous!!!

Mr. Poopillo

Mr Poopillo loves it. Come to my blog and we can be celebre-shitty friends!


Oh my god...the erect pink nipples... Simon's "moobies"... Ryan's pedophilic, impish grin.

Its too much

I just opened this in the middle of class and burst out laughing, apparently the professor doesnt see the humor in this drawing!


That's the funniest shit I've seen in a long time! Great job!


I love Ryan's little perky butt and his pink thong... I can't stop laughing.


loving it :) great job. not you need to get it autographed


That is just TOOO much...lmao. And Simon's comment about Ryan 'coming out'?..that was the most verbal 'calling out' I've seen on that show yet.

trick please

I .can't. breathe. That ass, those boobs. Oh my God, lol

madam c

icky - ewwww - g-r-o-s-s !

Finally. Now I have The Perfect Something to prove to my friends why I don't watch Idol. Never have, never will. But I don't live in a cave so, of course, I've seen these two on other shows. Every time I do, it makes me ashamed I'm American. (seriously)

Good job on this piece.
It's a little too much information (for me) but still....very well done. :)

ppl I can't say i like it because i love simon to much. It's ight, but nope, i wuv simon to much :D

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