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March 27, 2007



Hahahahahaaha I like Sanjaya. I think he's cute! Hahahahahaha

I love your work!


heyy, don't approve that:

I love your banner!! =D

Have a nice day and week!


I think he should go Britney on us and shave it all off.

He really needs to get booted already.


Nothing can top tonight's ponytail mohawk!


The ponytail mohawk was hilarious!! You know Gwen had something to do with that.


Please, PLEASE people for the love of Jebus VOTE THAT ANNOYING LITTLE CREEP OFF!

Ugh, Im sorry but I cannot STAND him! Seriously, the judges were SO right last nite when they said, "We don't even know why we're talking to you right now, you never listen to what we tell you anyways, you don't follow any of our criticisms, you're in your own little world"

I cant believe he's still on there week after week...THAT HAIR CAN'T KEEP HIM THERE FOREVER!

And thats my rant.


Please draw another one that spoofs the sparkly-eyed, lingering gazes he gave the camera tonight. I can only imagine how many 10-year-old girls are all atwitter tonight after drooling over Sanjaya's hot Latin performance. The facial fuzz was a nice touch too.

I love this one!! Great work Mr. Gilmore.

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