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February 17, 2007



You captured it! LOVE the interchangeable body parts - especially the boobs.


Hahahahahahaaha This is funny. I don't know why but I like Posh. I think she's like a robot too. Hahahahaha... She is rare...

I love this POTO!

Loved it so much I posted it on

Thanks for all the great work!

Would be great if you added me to the list of sites that links to you. Thanks!


You are so awesome. I love this pic. You captured her every essence... including the wacky nipples.


Not one of your better efforts -- you make her look much heavier than she is in real life ...


I would take it to Italy and make it eat heaping bowls of pasta until it GAINED SOME WEIGHT. And, then, I would take it shopping for some decent clothes.

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