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February 21, 2007



And I shudder to think what lurks under all that make-up

Can't wait for the full color version of the HoWeaves


Have you seen the articles written on the O.C. Register. It paints a really selfish Lauri W and sad Josh.
There's more drama than what is shown on TV. Check it out.


Love it!


Wow,those are great! Anyone who didn't know Lauri was selfish musta missed the episode where she was pissed when her daughter moved back in. Of course she's selfish! And when they get up close on her pancake makeup face...YUCK! How'd she even get that guy?


Im looking through the archives the way you capture these women is unreal. I was obsessed with this show as well. Omg you are so talented I am dying laughing over here.

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